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Even though the products and services mentioned in the ILimits DMCC website can be accessed on a global basis, not every feature that is referenced or provided is available to everyone who accesses the site. ILimits DMCC has the right to make those available or unavailable to anyone or for any jurisdiction.



Any market data displayed on the website or any third-party service provider provided herein is indicative, if and only if they are liable or responsible, for the material they share and this includes determining its accuracy. ILimits DMCC is not liable for any actions performed by third party groups that they may or may not take. The data included herein is not to be distributed, disclosed, displayed or transmitted again without prior written notification from the owners or as is applicable by law.



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As users and clients, you agree that your account on the website is subject to deactivation with a 3 months long prior notice.

The website is intended for use and distribution by any entity or country where these are not contrary to local laws and regulations.



While ILimits DMCC has made every effort to ensure the data and information contained herein is accurate, it is subject to change at any given moment without prior notice or consent. The information is meant for aiding investors and traders in making informed decisions about their investments only and we have taken measures to ensure accuracy of information. However, ILimits DMCC does not guarantee accuracy and will not be liable for any loss or damages that may directly or indirectly result from transmission or use of said information from the website.

The content presented in the website can be superseded by updated market data and events and the content published is presented as of the date that it was presented in the market. In addition to this, you are responsible for updating cache settings on the browsers you use to ensure that you get updated data from the market and the website.

Please also note that ILimits DMCC may impose limits on the amounts that are deposited using a credit or debit card upon our own discretion. We urge all users and investors to keep checking the website on a regular basis to look out for such changes for their own benefit.

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